Tansania: Working session at  "femina hip"

The Healthy Developments Student Prize 2014

How would you tackle Tanzania’s health workforce challenges?


The Tangled Lives of Philip Wetu

A Namibian story about life choices and HIV


Breaking down Barriers

An inclusion programme in Cambodia


Leading the way to Universal Health Coverage

A leadership programme run jointly by GIZ and the World Bank Institute

Opening session of the Sector Network Meeting 2014

Quality of Growth: the role of Health and Social Protection

Regional Conference of the Sector Network Health and Social Protection Africa, MENA and LAC

Tansania: Working session at  "femina hip"

The Healthy Developments Student Prize 2014

How would you tackle Tanzania’s health workforce challenges?

In focus

Group of doctors in Bangladesh

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

A web portal for Bangladesh’s health sector

In many partner countries, getting a comprehensive overview of which development partner is doing what can be an enormous challenge. In Bangladesh this has now become easier: GIZ has helped to create a knowledge management platform which provides easy access, for both development partners and the interested public, to all relevant studies, strategy papers and policy documents pertaining to Bangladesh's health sector.

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How would you tackle Tanzania’s health workforce challenges?

The Healthy Developments Student Prize 2014

The Tanzanian-German Programme to Support Health and Healthy DEvelopments call upon students from colleges and universities in Tanzania and around the world to team up and develop innovative approaches to Tanzania’s longstanding health workforce challenges. 59 Tanzanian teams and 11 international teams have registered so far and are now developing their approaches.

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Title page: Philip Wetu

The Tangled Lives of Philip Wetu

A Namibian story about life choices and HIV

Philip Wetu is a successful Namibian IT consultant with a complex love life: Enjoying sexual relationships with several women simultaneously, he puts himself and those he cares about at risk of HIV. Philip’s story is the basis for a social change communication approach, consisting of an interactive film, a comic strip in a Namibia’s leading daily, school materials and a Facebook page.

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HESP Updates

What's on

GIZ staff in Eschborn discussing review results

Findings of an independent review of health programmes implemented by GIZ

GIZ senior management recently adopted a series of actions based on the findings of an independent review of health programmes, consisting of a meta-evaluation, efficiency analysis and evaluation synthesis. We have collected the main findings and recommendations and asked some of the stakeholders about the results of the process.

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GAVI Alliance pledging conference to take place under the patronage of Chancellor Merkel

The GAVI Alliance replenishment conference that Germany agreed to convene in Berlin on 27 January 2015 will take place under the patronage of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German Government announced.

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Integrated services for sex workers in Zimbabwe featured in new WHO guidelines

German Cooperation (via GIZ) has been supporting the NGO CeSHHAR to provide integrated services for sex workers in Zimbabwe. The programme now reaches around 14,000 women with services such as HIV testing and counselling, STI treatment, contraceptives, health education and legal advice.

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Methods and Tools

Quality managment in laboratory

GIZ quality management toolbox

A new GIZ website describes quality management (QM) approaches supported by German Development Cooperation (GIZ) in its partner countries. The website provides information on specific QM approaches (including systemic quality improvement, accreditation, certification and excellence model), the results of GIZ programmes, examples from more than 10 countries and the range of GIZ services related to QM.

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About us

Healthy DEvelopment Logo

Healthy DEvelopments is the web portal on German Development Cooperation in health and social protection. It is your point of entry to:

Access cutting edge knowledge on good practices, tools and concepts, including the peer-reviewed German Health Practice Collection which documents approaches, results and lessons learnt of successful programmes

Keep up with Germany’s contributions to international debates through news, publications, articles and monthly features, as well as updates on conferences and events

Learn more about Germany’s projects in partner countries as well as its participation in global initiatives and networks

Policy priorities

Health Laboratory

In support of the Millennium Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage, German Development Cooperation in health focuses on:

Health as a human right, including equitable access to services and medicines, gender equality, support to vulnerable groups and inclusion of people with disabilities

Strengthening health systems by supporting human resources for health, quality services, governance and health financing

Responding to HIV and AIDS and other infectious and non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment, immunization and nutrition

Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights, in particular family planning and maternal and child health

Addressing the cross-cutting issues of social protection and population dynamics.

Setup and partners


BMZ is responsible for strategic direction, policies and steering of German Development Cooperation.

Bilateral programmes are implemented mainly by GIZ (for technical cooperation and capacity development) and by KfW Development Bank (for financial cooperation).

Bilateral partners include governments, civil society and the private sector in low- and middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa.

Multilateral partners include e.g. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the World Health Organization, the GAVI Alliance, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, ILO, the World Bank, the International Health Partnership (IHP+).

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