Inhabitants of Chamuria village

Piloting a social health protection scheme for Bangladesh’s poor

The pilot introduction of social health insurance for Below Poverty Line (BPL) households in Tangail District, which German Development Cooperation supports through KfW, is an innovative example of outcome-based financing. Operated by a private insurance company under Government contract, the scheme pays for services delivered, using predefined Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs).

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Project stories

A cartoon explains e-reporting in Nepal's health sector

Digital health
A cartoon explains e-reporting in Nepal's health sector

It can be difficult to make people understand in how many ways digitalisation can transform complex work processes, their speed and their effectiveness. And how much fun it can be to be a part of that. Yongjoon Park, a technical advisor in the Nepali-German health programme, has put it all in a cartoon.

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Panel discussion

GIZ-Haus Berlin
Kick-off event for a new German strategy on global health

Over the past few years, Germany has assumed a strong leadership role in global health. To further strengthen this commitment, a new German strategy on global health will be developed, led by the German Federal Ministry of Health, in close consultation with other relevant ministries and with input from non-state actors.

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UNFPA Director Natalia Kanem addressing the Commission on Population and Development

UN Commission on Population and Development
Standing strong for sexual & reproductive health rights

Sustainable cities, human mobility and international migration were at the core of discussions at the 51st session of the UN Commission on Population and Development. Germany helped forge a global alliance that stood strong in its defense of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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Health Sector Programme booth at Devolution Conference

Health at the forefront at Kenya’s annual Devolution Conference

Kenya’s Devolution Conference is a major opportunity for county governments to reflect on the challenges and achievements of decentralised governance. This year, health officials from three counties shared approaches they have developed and implemented with German support to foster greater accountability in the health sector.

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Dieter Neuvians

In memoriam: Dieter Neuvians

From the late 1990ies onwards, the HESP newsletter was a crucial source of information for public health and social protection experts in development cooperation worldwide. Dieter Neuvians, its founder and editor, passed away on 8 June, just nine days after he sent out the latest issue. He will be missed.

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Hot off the press

Young Togolese men training as electricians

Population Dynamics
Getting a better grasp on Togo’s future: Population dynamics at the heart of development planning

This case study traces how the Government of Togo, with support from German Development Cooperation, embarked on a process of improving planning in all sectors by integrating population dynamics. A striking feature is the Togolese government's strong appropriation and continuing pursuit of the approach also after the end of German support.

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Women working to construct their cooperative building

Rebuilding life from rubble

In Nepal, women and female-headed households were particularly hard-hit by the 2015 earthquake. This is why German-supported relief, livelihood support, health, reconstruction and education interventions have been applying a gender-responsive and partly gender-transformative approach. With some impressive results, as this video shows.

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Feeding back to the community after data collection

Digitalising social protection
Malawi’s bold vision for a Unified Social Registry

With German support, Malawi is developing a state of the art social registry, providing a single source of data for the many social protection programmes operating in the country. It will reduce fragmentation of social protection efforts, enable more efficient use of resources, and produce made-to-measure data sets for a wide range of clients.

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