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The core faculty for the first MSPH intake in 2007-2008

Creating a public health champion: the story of Islamabad’s Health Services Academy

Over the past twenty-five years, Islamabad’s Health Services Academy grew from a small government in-service training centre into an autonomous academic institution renowned for its high-quality public health training. This case study looks at the way German Development Cooperation supported it on this journey.

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Reconstruction underway in Nuwakot District

Better data smooths the way for the post-earthquake reconstruction of health facilities in Nepal

One year after a massive earthquake hit Nepal, hundreds of health facilities still need to be rebuilt. A detailed engineering assessment of damaged health facilities is helping those involved with reconstruction efforts to plan their work more efficiently.

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Young Kenyan woman with firewood

Adaptive Social Protection - linking social protection and climate change adaptation

The latest issue of GIZ’s Discussion Papers on Social Protection takes a closer look at ways to link social protection policies and instruments, climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. It also presents first practical applications of adaptive social protection currently under way in partner countries.

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Health and Social Protection News Briefing

Published every two weeks, our News Briefing provides you with an overview of recently published open access publications on health and social protection in low- and middle-income countries, as well as updates about new items on Healthy Developments.

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Tanga Hospital, Tanzania

Healthy Systems – Healthy Lives: a global initiative to strengthen health systems

Germany together with the World Health Organization launched the global initiative ‘Healthy Systems – Healthy Lives’ to bring together global health actors for a coordinated, effective and measurable effort to strengthen health systems.

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Dr Isabel Maina and Dr Peter Kimuu of the Ministry of Health launch the Health Data Collaborative Roadmap for Kenya.

Better health data in Kenya: What does it mean for my sister or daughter?

Kenya is the first African country to officially launch a roadmap to improve and harmonise its health information systems with support from the Health Data Collaborative. Through this initiative, more than 30 global health partners including BMZ and GIZ align to strengthen health data systems worldwide.

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College of Medicine staff promoting MedNet

Mednet: Malawi’s first online network for medical professionals

It is often said that more Malawian doctors work in Manchester than in Malawi itself. In actual fact, nobody really knows how many Malawian medical staff work abroad. Now a new initiative is reaching out to the Malawian medical diaspora, encouraging them to engage with the health system back home.

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my Health. my Rights. our Future

'my Health. my Rights. our Future': conference on adolescent health in Nepal

What interventions are effective at promoting the health and rights of Nepal’s adolescents? Stakeholders from across Nepal and the region will gather on 2-3 May 2016 in Kathmandu to discuss this issue at the country’s first national conference on adolescent health and development.

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University of Bonn

Annual Meeting of the German Society of Tropical Medicine

In October 2016, researchers and practitioners of tropical medicine and international health will gather in Bonn, Germany. Focus topics will include, among others, neglected tropical diseases and refugee medicine. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 22 July 2016.

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Video: Together we shine

Together we shine: youth health development in Namibia’s Ohangwena region

40% of all new HIV infections in Namibia are among young people aged 15-24. In Ohangwena, the community and various government agencies have come together in a Youth Health Task Force, rallying behind a joint goal: empowering young people and preventing HIV.

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Addressing the Dioulabougou neighbourhood

Social marketing for family planning in Côte d’Ivoire

Social marketing of contraceptives aims to provide women and families greater choice and control over their lives. This case study on Côte d’Ivoire describes how the local organisation AIMAS, with support from Germany, has taken the lead in scaling-up family planning in a (post) civil war context.

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