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Nepalese girls at JIC station

Coming of age: 15 years of the Join-In Circuit

This new publication about the Join-In Circuit (JIC) presents experiences from four countries – Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Zambia and Zimbabwe – where German Development Cooperation has been implementing the approach in recent years. The JIC is a behaviour change communication tool which promotes HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health, particularly among young people, in countries worldwide.

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Nurse and checklist team

Implementing the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in Pakistan

Quality assurance and patient safety measures can markedly improve the delivery of maternal and newborn care services without increasing recurring costs. This is why Germany supports the introduction of the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist to health facilities in two districts of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

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Tanga Hospital, Tanzania

Healthy Systems – Healthy Lives: a global initiative to strengthen health systems

Germany together with the World Health Organization launched the global initiative ‘Healthy Systems – Healthy Lives’ to bring together global health actors for a coordinated, effective and measurable effort to strengthen health systems.

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Surgeons at work

National guideline for hospital infection control in Vietnam

The German-supported health programme in Vietnam helped develop a guideline for better hygiene in Vietnam’s operating theatres. The guideline is highly appreciated by hospital staff, has markedly reduced patients’ wound infections and has just been approved as the national standard.

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Experts attending a training course

Global Learning Database for Social Protection and Universal Health Coverage

GIZ’s new database provides an overview of all relevant capacity building opportunities for expert or policy makers in the field of Social Protection and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Through detailed filter options it allows its users to find the training that corresponds to their specific interests and level of expertise.

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ESTHER partners in Limbe/Cameroon

Partnerships for better patient care

ESTHER Germany supports the twinning of African and German hospitals to foster peer-to-peer learning among medical professionals. A new publication in the German Health Practice Collection looks at achievements and lessons from two partnerships with Tanzanian and Cameroonian hospitals.

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Putting on personal protective equipment

Building expertise for epidemic preparedness

A training workshop in Würzburg, Germany on 5 & 6 October 2015

The West African Ebola crisis revealed the inadequacy of epidemic response capacities. BMZ has started an initiative to help prevent similar disease outbreaks in the future from spreading across borders. A number of GIZ experts were recently trained as a first step to establish a multidisciplinary expert team for worldwide deployment.

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Re-vamped 'Health and Social Protection News Briefing' launched

Do you want to stay abreast of the latest open access publications about health and social protection in low- and middle-income countries and get regular updates about new items on Healthy DEvelopments? Time to subscribe to our 'Health and Social Protection News Briefing

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Youth test on their phones a new way to prevent HIV among youth

With support from Germany, South Africa’s largest youth development NGO has launched a new cellphone-based platform to incentivize behavior change and prevent HIV infections. At ‘’ young people can earn points, and ultimately attractive rewards, while learning how to navigate love and life.

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City of Sylhet, Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s rapid urbanisation challenges cities’ health services

In Sylhet, one of Bangladesh’s largest cities, urbanisation has led to overcrowded and understaffed hospitals, unclear institutional responsibilities and insufficient service provision. A German-supported programme is now tackling these challenges.

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