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The Contribution of Health and Social Protection to Africa’s Social Development and Economic Transformation

Conference lounge, Umodzi Park Hotel.

GIZ Regional Conference, March 26-28 in Lilongwe/Malawi

At this year’s regional conference of GIZ’s Sector Network Health and Social Protection for the Africa, MENA and LAC regions around 120 delegates will gather at Lilongwe’s Bingu International Convention Centre to exchange on current challenges and innovations in the fields of health and social protection. Two days of keynote presentations and technical sessions at which GIZ experts will exchange with partner representatives as well as colleagues from other German and international organisations will be followed by one GIZ-internal day.

The conference seeks to explore the link between societies’ resilience and Africa´s social development and economic transformation with a specific focus on the contributions of health and social protection. It will explore links to other sectors like employment, sustainable economic development and good governance. The importance of health and social protection for the German and the global development cooperation will be emphasized in view of the German Marshall Plan with Africa, the global Compact for Africa and the 2030 Agenda.

Conference programme and documentation

The provisional conference programme will be regularly updated as the event approaches. During the conference this webpage will feature daily articles summarising the programme highlights. A few days after the conference, it will provide an overview article as well as selected conference presentations for downloading.

Lead themes

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Universal Social Protection (USP) are goals of many national health policies and they build on resilient health and social protection systems. The pillars of UHC-USP are coverage and quality of services, and the removal of financial barriers to accessing these services – hence: sustainable financing of health and social protection systems. Closely related to quality of services is the health and social protection workforce. To achieve UHC-USP, accessible, and capable staff has to be available; therefore, employment (of health workforce) plays a crucial role.

Digitalisation includes information and communication systems, management systems, but also the digital economy as a potential job market, a factor creating a favourable business environment and inviting local entrepreneurship. Digitalisation is a means to an end in many areas of health and social protection and an important requirement to foster resilience and development.

Young People are the future of Africa. Youth is the future workforce and healthy, well-educated, and trained youth constitutes an important factor towards the sustainable development of the continent. Sub-topics include Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of young people, their general health and the interface to education and vocational training.


With these themes and its overall programme, the regional conference the sector network pursues the following objectives:

  • Facilitate joint learning and technical exchange
  • Contribute to the broader development cooperation and general agenda
  • Explore linkages to other sectors, taking an efficient multi-sectorial approach
  • Place health and social protection high on the agenda of the German Development Cooperation

Make sure to check this page for updates in the coming weeks!

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