Adaptive social protection at ADB Social Protection Week

Presenting Germany’s contribution to social protection for disaster risk management & climate change adaptation

Group picture ADB Social Protection Week

At the Asian Development Bank’s Social Protection Week from 1-5 August 2016 in Manila, Germany’s sector initiative social protection presented linking climate risk insurance and social protection schemes, and the G7 InsuResilience Initiative, as promising ways forward.

From 1st-5th August, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) hosted the Asia Pacific Social Protection Week at its head offices in Manila. The meeting brought together hundreds of development professionals, government officials, civil society representatives, private sector players and members of academia to discuss their perspectives and experiences regarding social protection programmes and how they can be designed, implemented and scaled up effectively.

Topics included the role of ICT in social protection delivery, expanding social protection coverage to informal workers, the role of cash transfers as well as old age protection. “The Rise of CCTs in Asia - Challenges and Opportunities” was one of the topics of the conference with interesting speakers from the region as well as academia including Professor Armando Barrientos (Author of Just give Money to the Poor).
The GIZ Sector Initiative Social Protection also contributed to the conference and joined the panel on linking social protection, climate change adaption and disaster risk reduction (adaptive social protection). Representatives from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Philippines were part of the panel or the subsequent discussion and highlighted the need for integrated approaches to adaptive social protection.

Visit for the full programme and all presentations, including the sector initiative's presentation titled “Making Social Protection Fit for Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change Adaptation” and the related blog post “Facing the social protection challenges of climate change“.

Johanna Knoess, August 2016

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