Today in Guinea – we talk about Female Genital Mutilation

A video on ways to foster societal dialogue on FGM

Young women in Guinea determined to end FGM

This 14 minute-video shows how the Guinean-German health programme fosters societal dialogue on FGM. It disseminates information throughout the country, reaching out to the population of remote rural villages and urban centres via television, newspapers, social media and community radio.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a global issue: Every year, about 3 million girls under 15 are at risk of being genitally cut. With a prevalence rate of 97%, Guinea is the second most affected country in the world. So far, efforts to curb this harmful traditional practice have not succeeded.

In fact, more than 30% of the genital cutting in Guinea is now done by health workers in health facilities. To address this problem at all levels, the German-supported health programme uses a multi-sectoral approach. It engages the health and education sectors, religious leaders and legislators as well as the country’s administration in a broad societal dialogue so as to enable gradual progress towards the reduction of FGM in Guinea.

Ariane von Märcker
Juli 2018

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