Using digitalisation to improve health data quality in Nepal

A cartoon about e-reporting and how it has begun to change Nepal’s health system

E-reporting in Nepal’s health system

It can be difficult to make people understand in how many ways digitalisation can transform complex work processes, their speed and their effectiveness. And how much fun it can be to be a part of that. Yongjoon Park, a technical advisor in the Nepali-German health programme, has put it all in a cartoon.

For the past 17 months, Yongjoon Park, a Korean national, has been part of the young, creative and highly efficient digital health team of the ‘Support to Nepal’s Health Sector Programme’ (S2HSP). Park is fluent in Nepali since he spent a year as volunteer in a Nepalese village not far from Kathmandu, a time during he was named ‘Vijay’ by his Nepalese friends and grew very fond of the small country with its friendly people and its majestic mountain tops.

Yongjoon Park alias Vijay

When asked how he came up with the idea for this cartoon, Park explains: ‘As part of my work for the health programme I trained hundreds of Nepali health workers and met a great number of people who were interested in our work. However it was not always easy for us to make them understand how this new system works and how it can make a change for Nepal. I thought that our team needed a better way to present what we were doing, and visualisation was the key.

Fortunately, our programme has a great culture of using many visualisation methods such as mind maps and flow charts. And creativity was always encouraged and supported. This actually gave me an idea of this illustration with my own drawings. To be honest, the task was challenging to me with no art background. However, I did my best since I am soon leaving Nepal and this programme really matters to me. I wanted to add more value to our work with my skills.’

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June 2018

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