Proposals in 2017

The BMZ Division Health, Population & Social Protection is calling for submission of proposals for new case studies to be documented as part of the German Health Practice Collection.

From ‘good practice’ towards learning from implementation challenges

  • Proposals for case studies in the GHPC describe implementation experiences of programmes supported by German Development Cooperation in health and social protection. The case studies focus on how German-supported programmes deal with (and learn from) challenges which arise during implementation and report the results they achieve. The publications aim to add new and relevant insights to international discussions on programme delivery.
  • Compared to its earlier selection and documentation practices, the GHPC has shifted its emphasis from trying to capture ‘good practice’ towards generating new delivery knowledge by analysing how German programmes and their partner institutions deal with implementation challenges they encounter, how they adapt their approaches accordingly, and what they learn in the process about effective implementation.

Selection criteria

To be selected proposals should meet the following criteria:
  • The proposal presents new insights about the implementation of a programme addressing a development challenge, and these new insights will be of interest to an international expert audience.
  • The proposal covers a subject area which is of particular relevance for German Development Cooperation in health and social protection at this point in time.

Any questions?

For more information on the process and/or what it takes to get selected, don’t hesitate to contact the Managing Editor.

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