Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and Population Dynamics

Title page: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

A BMZ Policy Paper

by Sabine Schmitt, Inge Baumgarten, Jutta Wagner, Martina Metz
Published by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), August 2008

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Sexual and reproductive rights are based on universally recognised rights to bodily integrity, non-discrimination and the highest attainable standard of health. These rights are enshrined in international treaties international consensus documents and national legislation. The realisation of sexual and reproductive rights and health is not just an issue relating to the concrete situation of the individual; it also has implications for social processes and for sustainable development. A socio-political and cultural environment that allows and promotes equal access to information and services for women, men and young people of either sex, married or unmarried, regardless of their sexual orientation, is crucial.

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