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Healthy Systems – Healthy Lives is on the agenda at important forthcoming events

Germany, as President of the G20 group of nations during 2017, is presiding over many important meetings and events. The following meetings will focus on health:

World Bank Group Spring Meeting in Washington DC on 21-23, 2017 April will provide a forum for further discussions and consultation on the Shared Vision. For further information, please visit the World Bank website.

G20 Health Ministers’ meeting in Berlin: In preparation for the G20 leaders’ summit in Hamburg in July, health ministers will meet in Berlin on 19 – 20 May to discuss how to ensure strong, resilient and safe health systems that are ‘fit for the future’. The Healthy Systems – Healthy Lives consensus paper will be on the agenda.

Launch of the Health Systems – Healthy Lives Joint Vision at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, taking place from 22 – 31 May 2017. More information can be found on the WHO website.

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