ESTHER University and Hospital Partnerships in Africa

Mbeya Hospital, Tanzania

State-of-the-art know-how is in great demand among hospitals in low- and middle-income countries seeking to improve patient care. German universities and hospitals are renowned for their expertise in this regard. Development cooperation brings these two sides together by supporting twinning arrangements between experts from German institutions and their peers in African hospitals. BMZ has therefore launched an initiative for hospital partnerships which aims at better supporting these twinning arrangements.

As part of this initiative and of the European ESTHER Alliance (Ensemble pour une Solidarité Thérapeutique Hospitalière En Reseau), Germany supports partnerships between German hospitals and hospitals in selected African countries. The activities of these partnerships aim at:

  • Sharing knowledge and developing capacities through training, temporary placements and staff exchange, as well as small-scale operational research projects
  • Developing jointly tailor-made solutions to improve patient care (e.g. a quality improvement approach for the hospital in Mbeya, Tanzania)
  • Bringing benefits to both sides, as German partners have an opportunity to extend their network of research partners

As a consequence of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, ESTHER Germany is currently expanding the partnership network to strengthen epidemic preparedness and patient safety on the African continent, with a focus on countries with weak health systems.

ESTHER Germany is coordinated by GIZ on behalf of BMZ.

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