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Data on blood samples is entered into the SORMAS system via mobile phone

A critical juncture for SORMAS: from national to regional outlook and beyond

Date December 8, 2022
SORMAS (Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System) is increasingly recognised as a digital system that can provide policy-relevant data and management support across the One Health domains – not…


Seven top experts reflect on health and climate change

Date November 29, 2022
A diverse group of researchers, activists, programme managers and practitioners from different sectors and parts of the world grappled with the question: ‘How can a holistic understanding of health guide…

Map of the German Last Mile Initiative


Turning vaccines into vaccinations

Across the world, turning vaccines into vaccinations remains a challenge. As part of its G7 Presidency in 2022, Germany supports vaccine logistics and vaccination campaigns with its Last Mile Initiative, including through bilateral projects of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Explore this interactive map to learn more.

Map of German-supported digital health solutions

German development cooperation aims at enabling its partner countries to realise the full potential of digital technology in building scalable, sustainable and interoperable digital health systems.

This map shows the digital health solutions Germany currently supports in its partner countries.

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Our mission

On Healthy DEvelopments development practitioners working in BMZ-funded projects share innovative approaches, tried and tested interventions, and insights generated in response to development challenges. 

Healthy DEvelopments acknowledges that development initiatives unfold in complex environments and that programmes and projects need to continuously adapt and respond to the dynamics and conditions of their local contexts.

We aim to accompany and document incremental learning processes, moving away from ‘best practices’ towards ‘learning from implementation’ as a basis for adaptive, locally-defined solutions.

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