One Health

One Health recognises the interdependence of humans, animals and the environment. 

‘One Health’ describes a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that recognises the interdependence of humans, animals and the environment and aims to attain optimal health for all three.

The world’s growing population, climate change, increasing mobility, encroachment of humans on previously untouched habitats and industrialised agriculture and livestock farming contribute to the rise and rapid spread of new pathogens. At the same time antimicrobial resistance is on the rise, driven by antimicrobial use and abuse in the human, animal, and environmental sectors and the consequent spread of resistant bacteria within and between these sectors and around the globe. 

One Health is a priority area for German development cooperation. Building on the expertise of its development practitioners and of its renowned research institutes, Germany supports programmes to reduce health risks, strengthen human and veterinary health systems, and improve early warning systems for better epidemic and pandemic prevention. The stories, events and studies gathered on this page show how German-supported projects around the world are working to make One Health a global reality.

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