Videos on harm reduction for drug users in Nepal

Injecting drug use increases the risk of contracting HIV and Hepatitis C. Nepal is introducing Opioid Substitution Therapy to reduce harm. One of the people benefitting has become an activist who raises awareness among people who inject drugs and helps improve their access to health services.

 The Role Model

 This video features a former drug user Sushil Khatri, who talks about living with HIV and the methadone program. As an activist, Mr. Khatri now actively works to increase awareness among people who inject drugs and to improve access to HIV services among these key population at risk.

The Other Choices

This video describes the burden of injecting drug use in Nepal and different harm reduction approaches, specifically the Opioid Substitution Therapy. The video summarizes the OST program in Nepal and also reflects the perspective of the OST clients on the effects OST has brought about in their life.

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