Shaping global health - Taking Joint Action - Embracing Responsibility

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The Federal Government’s Strategy Paper

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On 10 July 2013, the German Cabinet adopted the strategy paper "Shaping global health – taking joint action – embracing responsibility". The Federal Government’s first global health strategy describes focal areas and principles of Germany’s active and coordinated contribution to addressing crucial challenges in global health. The English translation is now available alongside the German version (see above links). 

Daniel Bahr, Federal Minister of Health, explains: “For the first time, this concept presents how the various German government agencies act together in the area of global health policy. We will thus be able to use our multilayered knowledge and experience more effectively. With this concept, Germany reaffirms its international responsibility. Cross-border threats to health, such as increasing resistance to antibiotics, but also health implications of environmental stress and climate change clearly show: only if we act on a global level, will we be able to protect the health of the population in Germany.” (unauthorised translation) 

Global health issues are closely connected with other policies, such as development, security, trade, economy, human rights, nutrition, agriculture, research, employment, education, migration, environmental and climate change protection as well as humanitarian aid. Global health policy therefore needs intersectoral solutions. 

Germany's engagement in global health policy is guided by the following principles:

  • Protect and improve the health of the population in Germany through global action
  • Embrace global responsibility by providing German experience, expertise and funds
  • Strengthen international institutions for global health

The strategy focuses on five selected areas, in which Germany has particular strengths and can contribute sustainably to improve health worldwide:

  • providing effective protection against cross-border threats to health
  • strengthening health systems throughout the world – facilitating development
  • increasing intersectoral cooperation – interaction with other policy areas
  • promoting health research and the health care industry – providing important impulses for global health
  • strengthening the global health architecture

The strategy formulates priorities, concrete areas of action and optimises coordination processes among Federal Ministries. It thus facilitates strategic planning and helps improve policy coherence in order to make Germany's contribution to global health more effective. 

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