Towards Universal Coverage in the majority world

Towards Universal Coverage in the majority world

Published by GIZ, June 2016.

Authors: Werner Soors, ITM; Jeroen De Man, ITM; Fahdi Dkhimi, ITM; Remco van de Pas, ITM; Bart Criel, ITM; Pascal Ndiaye (external consultant for ITM).

Responsible/Editor: Martina Pellny, GIZ


With this first of a series of P4H Knowledge-Learning-Innovation briefs, the research unit Equity and Health of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, provides an update on the state of the art of universal health coverage in four P4H partner countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya and Tanzania. The brief draws upon peer-reviewed literature as well as on working documents which P4H partners shared on the P4H intranet.

Each country section discusses how in the following UHC principles are realised in the given country:

  • Equitable expansion of population coverage
  • Equitable expansion of service coverage
  • Equitable expansion of financial protection
  • Institutional design
  • Organisational practice
  • Current situation
  • The way forward

The brief ends with a discussion of transversal finding and lessons learnt, including

  • that the quality of care in service delivery is a key challenge
  • that the expansion of population coverage is rarely equitable
  • that progress in financial protection is hampered by fragmentation of schemes
  • and that technical support needs to be complemented by political support and capacity building.

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