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Development cooperation in health and social protection happens in country programmes, in global and regional initiatives, in multilateral organisations and in networks and communities of practice. Check this section to learn about German contributions to each of these.

ESTHER Germany supports partnerships between hospitals in Germany and African countries

Country programmes

In this section, you can find information on countries in which German Development Cooperation supports health and social protection programmes, including the specific areas of cooperation, key health indicators and related articles, studies and reports. Read more

Global and regional initiatives

Regional and global cooperation is essential for many health and social protection issues. German Development Cooperation supports a number of initiatives that promote issue-specific global agendas, develop and pilot new approaches, or work at regional level. Read more

Multilateral organisations

Multilateral agencies and international partnerships are crucial instruments for global cooperation in health and social protection. German Development Cooperation contributes substantially to a number of multilateral organisations. Read more

Networks and communities of practice

Professional networks and Communities of Practice (CoP) allow development experts to stay connected with peers around the globe who work on similar issues. In this section, we present those of particular interest to German-supported health and social protection programmes. Read more

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