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Social cash transfers

Universal Social Protection is key for attaining the Sustainable Development Goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its health, economic and social consequences have drawn unprecedented attention to the need for universal social protection. Over half of the world’s population still have little or no access to social protection, dramatically increasing individuals’ and families’ vulnerabilities. Universal social protection (USP) is a human right and key to recovery, for a green transition and for sustainable and inclusive economic and social development for individuals, communities and nations.

All countries have committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 1.3 with its bold premise that ensuring social protection for all the world’s citizens by 2030 is feasible. In 2016, the World Bank and the International Labour Organization, jointly initiated the Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection (USP2030), to transform the SDG Agenda’s vision of universal social protection into reality. USP2030 has grown into a worldwide alliance which brings together national governments, international and regional organisations, social partners and civil society organisations, in a shared commitment towards ensuring social protection for all.

Germany strongly subscribes to the vision of Universal Social Protection and has been an active member of the USP2030 coalition since the start, as documented in the papers and events presented on this page.

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