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The German Health Practice Collection is a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and KfW Entwicklungsbank.

Since 2004, it has involved experts working in German-supported health and social protection programmes around the globe in a collaborative knowledge management process, seeking to identify, document and widely share results and lessons learnt which programmes generate during their implementation.

Inclusion in the Collection does not depend on whether a programme was ‘successful’ (e.g. demonstrable, sustainable, positive results), but on whether the way it tackled implementation bottlenecks offers new insights. The focus is on generating new delivery knowledge by analysing how German-supported programmes and their partner institutions deal with implementation challenges they encounter, how they adapt their approaches accordingly, and what they learn in the process about effective implementation.

Experienced researchers-writers conduct background research, field visits and interviews, and work closely with programme staff, representatives of partner organisations to

  • Explore, with both partner institutions and the German agency supporting them, how they addressed a crucial development challenge;
  • Look at how the implementation of the programme evolved, how different kinds of implementation bottlenecks were addressed, and how the approach was adjusted accordingly;
  • Describe the results of the interventions in terms of specific outcomes for the beneficiaries, as well as for the policy and reform process in the given partner country; and
  • Generate broader learning about both the development challenge and the implementation of interventions to address it.

Two independent peer reviewers review the final text to assess how the case study has answered its guiding questions and whether it has generated new insights regarding the implementation of the given approach and the development challenge it addresses.

Long and short versions of the publications are made available on the Healthy DEvelopments web portal, as well as in hard copy.

As part of their bilateral and multilateral work, German development programmes and their partners work on different types of publications, reports and studies through which they share new insights and data. Healthy Developments makes these publications available to a wider audience.

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Lessons learned for adaptive social protection. A series of 7 working papers and corresponding podcasts.
Writer: multiple authors, see individual working papers for details
Towards more and better jobs in health
German support for human resources in health: Lessons and recommendations
Writer: Technical Lead: Esther Werling, supported by Regina Winter. Contributors (in alphabetical order): Michael Adelhardt, Achille Bela, Sanja Kruse, Massa Mamay, Michaela Michel-Schuldt, Laura Nieweler, Anna- Maria Pufal, Nee-Alah Varpilah, Antonia Wellmann. Editor: Anna von Roenne
Collaboration with private sector_sector network Asia Eastern Europe_2020
A stocktaking exercise and the issues it raises
Writer: Anna von Roenne, Ruth Evans
Extending work-related SP to informal workers in Pakistan
Summary of a scoping study by Martina Bergthaller
Writer: Dr. Mary White Kaba
A closer look at German-supported capacity development measures
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Global Health Strategy
Global Health Strategy of the German Federal Government
Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 13.34.17
A country’s journey towards an interoperable digital health ecosystem
Writer: Corinne Grainger
Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 13.33.55
Insights from implementing SORMAS in Nigeria and Ghana
Writer: Corinne Grainger
Learning from support to large-scale reforms in India and Indonesia
Writer: Clemens Gros
Towards life-long equitable access to comprehensive social protection for all
Writer: Martina Ulrichs and Dr Mary White-Kaba
Population dynamics at the heart of development planning
Writer: Dr Mary White-Kaba
Insights from Cambodia’s national poverty identification system
Writer: Emily de Riel
Learnings from a Maternal and Newborn Health Initiative
Writer: Dr Mary White-Kaba
An Evidence Brief
Writer: Maureen Mackintosh, Julius Mugwagwa, Geoffrey Banda and Jires Tunguhole
Learnings from building a national programme
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Meeting the challenge with information technology
Writer: Karen Birdsall
How ESTHER Germany supports the twinning of African and German hospitals
Writer: Ruth Evans
Working for sexual and reproductive health and rights in a country affected by civil war
Writer: Dr Mary White-Kaba, Andrew Wilson
The story of Pakistan’s Health Services Academy
Writer: Dr Susan Ramsay
Fifteen years of the Join-In Circuit on AIDS, Love and Sexuality
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the health sector in Cambodia
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Social auditing in Nepal’s health sector
Writer: Andrew Wilson
A South African loveLife HIV prevention programme
Writer: Stuart Adams
Strengthening the Routine Health Information System in Bangladesh
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Supporting occupational health and safety in Bangladesh
Writer: Ruth Evans
A Namibian story about life choices and HIV
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Writer: Andrew Wilson (earlier draft versions prepared by Stuart Adams)
Germany’s support to social health insurance reform in Mongolia
Writer: Andrew Wilson
How a SWAp has sustained Kyrgyz health reforms
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Employee Wellbeing Programmes in Ghana
Writer: Andrew Wilson
Simple, scalable and sustainable school health in the Philippines
Writer: Habib Benzian
A BACKUP approach to making Global Fund money work
Writer: Stuart Adams
Germany’s contribution to the achievement of MDG5 in Kenya
Writer: Sue Armstrong
Approaches in Morocco and Yemen
Writer: Stuart Adams and Andrew Wilson
A decade of prevention of mother-to-child transmission
Writer: Karen Birdsall
Developing booklets for young people on growing up, sexuality and HIV
Writer: Siegrid Tautz
Four initiatives from Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America
Writer: Andrew Wilson
Effective development work in a time of HIV
Writer: Karen Birdsall and Stuart Adams
How ‘Desa Siaga’ improves the health of mothers and babies in Indonesia
Writer: Karen Birdsall and Peter Hill
How unwed young mothers become advocates, teachers and counsellors in Cameroon
Writer: Stuart Adams and James Boothroyd
How Knowledge Hubs are boosting HIV prevention, treatment and care across whole regions
Writer: James Boothroyd
How investments by Germany and partners are helping to stop TB and HIV in the Caucasus and central Asia
Writer: James Boothroyd and Katarina Greifeld
Aiming for results in Burkina Faso
Writer: Stuart Adams
Building on tradition and popular culture in Niger
Writer: Stuart Adams
German support for countries reducing the harm of injecting drug use and HIV
Writer: James Boothroyd
Reaching out with popular entertainment
Writer: Stuart Adams
How cash transfers shore up Zambian households affected by HIV
Writer: Esther Schüring
Development cooperation in a specific epidemiological context
Writer: Stuart Adams
Support to PLWH organisations in Cameroon
Writer: Johanna Offe, GIZ and Anna von Roenne, consultant
How to kick-start a joint AIDS response by health workers and traditional healers
Writer: Angelika Wolf and Anna von Roenne
Empowering local and district authorities in Lesotho, Tanzania and Mpumalanga, South Africa
Writer: Stuart Adams

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