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Reimagining health systems for a billion people with disabilities

Luthfi Azizatunnisa in her wheelchair

With much publicity, the world’s population reached eight billion on 15th November 2022. What has been much less publicised is that at least a billion of these people live with disabilities – an enormous group that, according to the just launched WHO Global Report on Health Equity for Persons with Disabilities, is often underserved or overlooked when it comes to health care.

In this ‘Healthy Developments’ podcast, Frederick Dove – who is himself one of the billion – talks to people who are personally affected and people working to change and improve health care for people living with disabilities. We hear about the key messages of an important new report that has just been published: ‘Reimagining Health Systems that expect, accept and connect one billion people with disabilities’. Co-authored by the Missing Billion Initiative and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, with funding by GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development,  the report draws attention to the unmet health needs of people living with disabilities and draws up roadmap for action to ensure they are ‘expected, accepted and connected’.

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