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One Health

Participants of the “Breaking Barriers” event in front of Schloss Friedrichsfelde

“Breaking barriers” event at Tierpark Berlin places biodiversity conservation at the heart of One Health

‘I can see the barriers breaking already’, said Prof. Thomas Mettenleiter, founding co-chair of the One Health High-level Expert Panel (OHHLEP), as he welcomed 120 invited scientists, decision-makers and implementers to “Breaking barriers: Advancing the One Health agenda with a focus on the environment” in Schloss Friedrichsfelde, situated in the large and green Tierpark Berlin. 

The roundtable was moderated by Maziko Matemvu, youth activist from Malawi.

Protecting mothers and newborns against the negative impacts of climate change

Climate change is increasingly recognised as serious threat to human health with pregnant women and newborns amongst those most at risk. This, and how to mitigate the effects, was the topic of a roundtable discussion at the World Health Summit in Berlin in October 2022.

Data on blood samples is entered into the SORMAS system via mobile phone

A critical juncture for SORMAS: from national to regional outlook and beyond

SORMAS (Surveillance Outbreak Response Management & Analysis System) is increasingly recognised as a digital system that can provide policy-relevant data and management support across the One Health domains – not only at local and national level, but potentially at regional and global levels too.

Catalyst Dialogue

Seven top experts reflect on health and climate change

A diverse group of researchers, activists, programme managers and practitioners from different sectors and parts of the world grappled with the question: ‘How can a holistic understanding of health guide a holistic response to the climate crisis?’

Priscilla Mubanga, the head teacher at Mumana Basic School

A new momentum for healthy, green schools in Lusaka

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the Safe Back to School campaign has shown what’s possible when people come together around a shared aim. As COVID recedes, the campaign’s partners are seizing the momentum to broaden and deepen school health initiatives.

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