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Hot off the press: State of Economic Inclusion report

January 22, 2021

Hot off the press: State of Economic Inclusion report

The Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI) shares assessment of economic inclusion programmes in 75 countries

Working life is hard. Make it safe!

January 30, 2018

Working life is hard. Make it safe!

How Single Window Service Centres ensure informal sector workers’ access to social protection in Karnataka

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Inclusive social protection

Closing the gaps in access to social protection for vulnerable populations

Social protection can be a powerful tool to reduce inequality and to promote social inclusion. But all too often, social protection systems themselves mirror patterns of discrimination and disadvantage which exist in the wider society. Although social protection is a human right, approximately half of the world’s population is not effectively protected. This lack of protection is not equally distributed: older people, persons with severe disabilities, people living with HIV, members of indigenous groups, and migrant workers are among the population groups which face particular barriers to accessing social protection.

Germany works closely with partner governments to extend social protection coverage, with a particular focus on the inclusion of poor and vulnerable groups. This page provides insights into German-supported interventions which advance the design and implementation of inclusive social protection systems.

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