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Health Systems Strengthening

Health systems strengthening (HSS) has been a longstanding priority for German development cooperation

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Local pharmaceutical manufacturing

Less than 1% of the vaccines and only about 30% of the medicines that Africa needs are currently produced on the continent.

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One Health

One Health recognises the interdependence of humans, animals and the environment.

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Global health initiatives

As a proactive member of numerous global health initiatives Germany contributes to strengthening health policy and practice around the world.

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Pandemic preparedness

Without pandemic preparedness infectious disease outbreaks can swiftly turn into global threats.

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Universal Health Coverage

Under Universal Health Coverage all people have access to adequate healthcare without suffering financial hardship paying for it.

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Population dynamics

Population dynamics shapes development pathways.

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Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Promoting the well-being of the most vulnerable members of society: mothers, children and adolescents.

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HIV and other infectious diseases

Responding to HIV and other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or malaria must remain a top priority.

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Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are crucial for human life and health.

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Digitalisation in health

Digitalisation revolutionises data management and administrative processes in healthcare systems.

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Gender and Health

Gender inequality in families and in society can harm women’s and girls’ health and even threaten their lives.

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Health Workforce

The backbone of a functioning health system

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Collaboration with the private sector

There is broad international agreement that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can only be achieved if actors across public and private sectors start to work together at scale.

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