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Priscilla Mubanga, the head teacher at Mumana Basic School

A new momentum for healthy, green schools in Lusaka

Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the Safe Back to School campaign has shown what’s possible when people come together around a shared aim. As COVID recedes, the campaign’s partners are seizing the momentum to broaden and deepen school health initiatives.

8 Fs Discharged On A Farmland In Gonda

Beyond toilets: Managing human waste across the sanitation chain in India

In a bid to end open defaecation, India has built more than 100 million toilets since 2014. But to protect human health and the environment, cities have to safely manage what comes out of them. Shit Flow Diagrams have emerged as a key tool to help them plan and monitor progress.

Back To School

Going back to school in the middle of a pandemic

To reopen – and stay open – schools around the world must translate strict hygiene standards into everyday practice. Indonesia is showing how simple checklists can help school communities do this. Other countries, like Malawi, are adapting the same approach. 

Sanitation Video Cover

The Shhh Job: Sanitation for liveable cities

Poor sanitation comes with a cost – it affects the affected individuals’ and populations’ health status and their productivity. Zambia, for example, loses 1.3 percent of GDP due to public health impacts of poor sanitation which results in child malnutrition, illness and premature death.

Waling Municipal Recovery Center (c) Giz Umong Shahi

Tackling healthcare waste on the top of the world

Not long ago in Nepal, like in many other lower-middle income countries, healthcare waste – from personal protective equipment, such as gloves and gowns, to used swabs and bandages, expired drugs, needles, laboratory reagents and chemicals – was simply dumped behind health facilities, mixed with general waste and sent to landfills, or openly burned.

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