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Health and gender

Waiting to see the doctor at Osh FMC

Getting Kyrgyz women the antenatal care they’re entitled to: Closing the gap between paper and practice

Pregnant women in Kyrgyzstan are entitled to a basic package of antenatal care services through the country’s national social health insurance. Yet accessing these services can be like navigating an obstacle course. A German-supported project is raising women’s awareness of their rights and making it easier for pregnant women who are uninsured to get covered.

Ms Nisha Kinnar and colleagues of the New India Help Foundation Trust

India’s transgender people gain access to social health insurance

In an inspiring example of Germany’s feminist development policy in action, the Indo-German Universal Health Coverage (IGUHC) project is supporting the Government of India to extend social health insurance to the transgender community, upholding their rights to free, quality health services.

The roundtable was moderated by Maziko Matemvu, youth activist from Malawi.

Protecting mothers and newborns against the negative impacts of climate change

Climate change is increasingly recognised as serious threat to human health with pregnant women and newborns amongst those most at risk. This, and how to mitigate the effects, was the topic of a roundtable discussion at the World Health Summit in Berlin in October 2022.

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