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Waiting to see the doctor at Osh FMC

Getting Kyrgyz women the antenatal care they’re entitled to: Closing the gap between paper and practice

Pregnant women in Kyrgyzstan are entitled to a basic package of antenatal care services through the country’s national social health insurance. Yet accessing these services can be like navigating an obstacle course. A German-supported project is raising women’s awareness of their rights and making it easier for pregnant women who are uninsured to get covered.

The African Advanced Vaccinology course, Afro-ADVAC 2023, was held recently in South Africa

Building Africa’s vaccinology expertise and leadership

Expanding vaccine production in Africa, now a key objective for the continent, will require a highly skilled workforce with the necessary expertise. This is why BACKUP Health is supporting vaccine production-related further education and training through the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. The recent African Advanced Vaccinology course is one example. 

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