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Strengthening cold chains and waste management in Benin

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The German Last Mile Initiative supports vaccination efforts in Benin by strengthening the vaccine cold chain and enabling the sustainable disposal of waste generated by testing and vaccinations. GIZ implements the financed measures through the Integrated Water Resources Management in Context of Climate Change project. The project provides refrigerated vehicles, refrigerators (solar or diesel powered), and cooler bags to strengthen the vaccine cold chain. Medical incinerators have been installed at three health centers and staff have been trained in their use. In addition, the project is supporting SMS, television and radio messaging to raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination. Interventions to improve hygiene and cleanliness at 36 health centers also foster vaccination acceptance and uptake. Together, these measures have reached over 5.1 million people. Investments in the cooling infrastructure will have lasting positive effects on Benin’s health system, as they can be used for other health and vaccination campaigns, such as against meningitis.

  • Executing project: Integrated Water Resources Management in Context of Climate Change
  • Implementing organisation: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 
  • Commissioned by: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Local partners: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water and Mines 
  • Funding: EUR 1 m from Last Mile Initiative (in addition to EUR 10 m core funding)
  • Contact: 
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