Cold chain and waste management in Benin

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The German Last Mile Initiative supports the vaccination efforts in Benin by strengthening the vaccine cold chain as well as the sustainable waste disposal. The GIZ-implemented Integrated water resources management in context of climate change project is providing refrigerated vehicles, refrigerators (solar or diesel powered), and cooler bags to strengthen the vaccine cold chain. Furthermore, as testing and vaccination generate a lot of waste, the project also aims to improve disposal options through training on medical incinerators. Three health centres have already received medical incinerators. Additionally, sensibilisation on the benefits of vaccination is advanced through public media (SMS and TV/Radio). The improvement of hygienic conditions in at least 36 health centres moreover increases vaccination acceptance. 

With these measures, the project aims to improve access to vaccines for at least 1,5 million people. Investing in the cooling infrastructure has lasting positive effects on Benin’s health system, as well. The cooling infrastructure can be useful for other health and vaccination campaigns, such as against meningitis. 

  • Executing project: Integrated water resources management in context of climate change 
  • Local partners: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Water and Mines 
  • Funding: EUR 1 m from Last Mile Initiative (in addition to EUR 10 m core funding) 
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