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Supplementary support for vaccination logistics in Malawi

09 Kfw Malawi Hsjf (c) Giz, Roger Gbekou

As part of the German Last Mile Initiative, Germany is providing supplemental financing to the Health Services Joint Fund in support of Malawi’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan. The KfW Development Bank provides the funding through its Basic Health Services Programme.

The Health Services Joint Fund is part of a coordinated donor approach in Malawi. Established in 2015 by the Government of Malawi, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and Flanders, the Joint Fund provides a platform for major development partners to coordinate health sector interventions among themselves and with the Malawian Ministry of Health. Funds are used for investments in health infrastructure and for the procurement of vaccines and contraceptives.

The 2022 supplementary funding for vaccination logistics provided through the German Last Mile Initiative is being used to procure cold chain equipment and vehicles (motorbikes and trucks), and to implement measures which improve vaccine management.

  • Executing project: Basic Health Services within the Health Systems Joint Fund (HSJF) II Programme
  • Implementing organisation: KfW Development Bank
  • Commissioned by: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development 
  • Local partner: Ministry of Health
  • Funding: EUR 5 m from Last Mile Initiative (in addition to EUR 30.1 m core funding) 
  • Contact:
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