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openIMIS: How a digital global good is transforming the delivery of social protection around the world

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments around the world to send whole populations into lockdown. For poor people in low-income countries the situation quickly turned desperate. Quick and efficient digital tools could help to get social cash transfers to their doorsteps. However, developing and constantly updating the software required for such schemes is simply not an option for the governments of many low and middle-income countries. But openIMIS is.  

In this podcast we mark the fifth anniversary of openIMIS, an open source management information system supported by German and Swiss development cooperation which helps countries like The Gambia, Nepal, Tanzania and Cameroon to digitally manage different social protection schemes. Supported by a vibrant worldwide community of developers and users, openIMIS is increasingly regarded as a ‘global good’ and an important tool for helping countries to meet their commitments to universal health and social protection.

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